About Me

I love to hike and I love to travel. Only recently have I combined the two ideas.

My hiking had always been close to home. Living in Seattle, there’s no shortage of day hikes; throw in an occasional overnight exploring the nearby mountains and I was content.

Meanwhile, my travel has always been far from home. To me, a week in Italy requires the same amount of planning as a 3-day weekend nearby, so I’ve always funneled my travel energy and $$ to head as far away as possible. Packing for exploring wineries and the highest rated restaurants, it never occurred to me to throw in the hiking boots and poles.

Turns out, combining the two is amazing – and I’m not sure I’ll ever travel any other way.

Why the change? In 2016, my husband passed away from cancer. He was 54, I was 49. Losing him took my breath away. In addition to being an amazing husband, he was my hiking buddy and my travel companion. I spent most of 2017 trying to answer the question ‘Now What?’. I used hiking and travel to get me started.

Here is where I share my love for all of the above. Whether you’re just getting started traveling on your own – or are looking for ideas for a good solo hike,  I hope you find something that inspires your next trek!

Take a hike. Hit the road. I think I’ll do both.